What is the West Midlands Regional Rowing Council?

The West Midlands Regional Rowing Council exists to co-ordinate rowing in the Region. We provide feedback from the regional to British Rowing and the national standing committee – all of which have a page on this website – and also disseminate information from these committees to the clubs. We have 2 votes at the British Rowing AGM and these are exercised by the regional representatives. The regional chairs meet regularly with British Rowing to discuss matters of concern and to make suggestions. Additionally, the region trains umpires and sets the competition calendar in the region. 

Meeting dates for 2023

General meetings are held 6 times per year and we try to hold these in a hybrid format as we are quite large geographically but also in person usually at the Regional Rowing Centre in Worcester. The dates for 2023 are:

Who we are

Christopher Anton

Abi Terry

Kim Martyn Smith

Mark Dewdney

Brian Curtis

Digger Barnes

Position Vacant

Kat Carlyle

Chris Llwellyn

Paul Holmes

Christopher Anton