Masters Rowing

Masters rowing is a very popular and an enjoyable sport and open to anyone age 27 and upwards, we have people rowing and competing in their 80’s. 

There are 13 clubs in the West Midlands region and you can row from one day a week to seven days both recreationally or competitively. Depending on each club you can participate in a variety of boat classes ranging from single sculling to coxed eights.

All clubs are very friendly and whether you are an experienced rower or want to learn to row you, any age over 27 will be made welcome.

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The Masters Representative for the region is Digger from Pengwern Boat Club, he is the voice for the all the masters rowers from the region at national committee meetings. The national committee meets regualary throughout the year where all the regional representatives discuss maters rowing as a whole. 

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Master Rowing Representative

Digger Barnes