The West Midlands Region has many umpires drawn from the clubs across the whole region.

Umpires officiate at both regattas and head races within our region and beyond. 

Generally, each event will work in consultation with the umpires to try and ensure that there are sufficient available to satisfy the requirements of the event.

Without a ready pool of available umpires, the events cannot run. 

Why Umpire? 

Umpires help to ensure safe and fair racing for all competitors allowing clubs across the country to run successful, enjoyable rowing events. 

By becoming an umpire, you get to learn new skills, meet new people and travel to interesting places.

As an umpire you learn how to start races, manage crews (on and off the water), communicate effectively, and solve problems. Most importantly, umpires help people to do their best by allowing rowers to compete under safe and fair conditions.

How to become an Umpire? 

Training to become an umpire involves a seminar, theory exam, at event training and mentoring by an umpire, and a practical exam. You can start training to become an umpire at the start of the year, with the region. 

What next?

Become an Umpire

Give back to the sport and get the best seat in the house as a British Rowing umpire.

Contact our Regional Umpire Course Coordinator